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We are dedicated to providing Best-In-Class solutions to public & private schools, colleges & universities, cities, counties, non-profits and all governmental entities that have the lowest cost of ownership in industry and can function stand-alone or integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Our experience in government and private business, sourcing, procurement, commerce, and materials management, predates the internet itself, from Large Main-Frame systems to the first desktop computers our staff has been there every step of the way to design and develop bleeding edge, proprietary solutions that not only improve the efficiency of your organization, but provide immediate Return-On-Investment (ROI) by;
  • Automating and ensuring compliance;
  • Providing contract & grant management;
  • and offering potential cost savings that can exceed an astounding 50% or more on certain purchases of supplies, books, and services from a vendor network of over 20,000 approved suppliers.

With no hardware or software to buy, no obligations* or trial period, and security equivalent to Online Banking, don't you owe it to yourself to find out more?

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Best-In-Class image Provide Best-In-Class products that are supremely powerful and easy to use with little or no training requirements. Image of Magicians top hat and wand. Employ the use of artificially intelligent and automated controls in order to:
  • Maximize business processes & efficiency
  • Properly manage costs & compliance
Image of Approved transaction Enhance validation and approval processes of all expenditures to ensure transactions are properly authorized and can be posted to a Financial Accounting System in a timely manner.
  • Premium Features
  • Easiest to Use
  • Lowest Cost in the Industry*
  • Friendly Support
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Self Service
  • No hardware to buy
  • No additional software needed
  • Platform and methodology agnostic
  • Up to a 70% Increase in Efficiencies*
  • 95% Reduction in Costs**
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"Unsurpassed technology
performance, and value..."

-Robert Kowalski
CFO, Arlington Schools
*As reported by client case studies
**Compared to any other business class e-Procurement solution
e-Procurement products contain modules for Purchasing procurement through to payment, and Supplier's account management. e-Sourcing products contain modules for RFI, RFP, RFQ, Auctions and more. Warehousing products contain modules for Inventory control, Picking, Shipping and Returns.

Each industry has its own unique challenges.
Without detailed, first-hand knowledge of daily operations no provider can deliver thoroughly effective solutions.
The family of World Procurement companies specializes in providing effective solutions to the following markets:

EDUCATION. We have spent years working hand-in-hand with the educational sector to develop the best, most innovative solutions to address challenges associated with; Textbooks, Quotes, Budget Management, Minority Participation, Grants, P-Cards, Gift Cards, Staff Turnover, and more.

GOVERNMENT. Our staff has over 34 years of combined experience within the Federal, State, and Local Government sectors. Our team has developed an impressive array of solutions centered around efficiency, flexibility, transparency and accountability. So whether it is a solution for immediately notifying tens of thousands of bidders flawlessly, or integrating dissimilar, often legacy systems for Agency wide transparency and accountability, we have the technology, experience, and know-how to exceed expectations.

MILITARY. Procurement, inventory and logistics has become increasingly challenging for the military as it strives to deliver product and performance to meet a wide variety of operational requirements in rapidly changing environments. On the battlefield, "Just In Time" is too late.
The development of new technologies and rapidly changing products has exceeded most supply chain management capabilities, but not for us. The use of Artificial Intelligence, IPv6, nanotechnologies, real-time secure data communication, and direct electronic supplier communication; reduces cost, nearly eliminates outages, and takes the supply chain to unprecedented levels of efficiency. If it can be done, we can do it for millions of dollars less.

HEALTHCARE. With over 15 years of experience in the Healthcare sector, we understand the importance of improving patient care, controlling costs, meeting government regulations and compliance mandates. Our Healthcare solutions are platform agnostic and can address procurement-to-payment challenges through automation, streamlining and integration.
Perform Web-based reporting, manage spend, ensure contract compliance, and track key performance indicators across the enterprise. Chances are, if you have a challenge, we have a solution.

Image of Total Quality Management of Services Central to our Total Quality Management ("TQM") approach is the ability to customize our products to effectively meet your business commerce requirements. This is the only way to ensure maximum efficiency, deliverer greater and faster Return On Investment ("ROI"), and optimized operations and budget control.

Our Customer Services consist of dedicated customer care representatives providing a single point of accountability for world-class, integrated support across all product lines from e-Procurement and e-Sourcing through to Warehousing and Inventory Control. It is their goal to provide the exact tools, pleasant support, and powerful services that help maximize the efficiencies of your business.

Our response centers in North America and Europe offer global, round-the-clock email and phone support because an efficient business environment doesn't leave room for mistakes.

Whatever your situation, you can access the right capabilities to ensure effective and efficient solutions by tapping into an unrivaled combination of know-how, technology, and market intelligence through a scalable and flexible platform of services.

Headquarters building in Las Vegas, Nevada USA Leveraging off of technologies developed for the U.S. Military by World Procurement International, K12Buy.com, LLC. was formed in 2005 to provide highly automated, artificially intelligent, easy to use solutions to public sector customers at the best possible value, bar none.

We are driven by our passion for inventing solutions to solve business challenges and perfecting those solutions in order to thrill our customers.

Our staff comprises of some of the industry’s most seasoned, experienced business and technical talent. Our scientists and technical staff alone have over 75 years of combined applications development experience and has designed and developed procurement, sourcing, and logistics solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations and government agencies using customizable, proprietary software as a service (SaaS) technology with mission critical, highly secure, methodologies* and architecture housed within Tier IV datacenters.

*Methodologies include, but are not limited to: Annual Business Continuity Plans, Risk Management Framework, Crisis Planning, SAS70 Type II and PCI compliance, and more.